Approaching Clay The Beginners Way; Continuing Education Class (Out of Stock)




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Approaching Clay The Beginners Way
Monday’s 6-9pm (Feb 19 – April 29, 10 week class, *no class 3/18*)

Instructor: Janette Torres

One of the beauties of clay is its infinite avenues of discovery, but this can easily and quickly become overwhelming to beginning students. Worry not, as Approaching Clay The Beginners Way was developed to narrow in on the realm of possibilities. Join recent Educational Assistantship participant, Janette Torres, as she guides you through the basics of hand building and glazing possibilities. Discover how to leverage slabs to create one of a kind functional wares and sculptures. Next learn various techniques for layering and applying glazes to create organic and unique patterns. From tableware and functional home goods to basic figurative sculptures, it’s all possible in this beginning clay class!

*A minimum of 6 is required to run this class

Level: An excellent class for Beginners