Pottery Spin (Experience Class)




Product Description

Pottery Spin; Thursday the 8th 
August 8th, Thursday, 6-8pm

Learn the foundations of how to throw on the pottery wheel. Discover what terms like centering, opening, pulling, compressing, and shaping mean all while becoming aware of how the clay responds to your hands touch. Whether you’re looking to experience clay for the first time or are seeking a fun filled creative activity — our Experience Classes offer hands-on learning for a variety of student types, abilities, and interests. Works made will be ready for pick up 2 weeks following your class. Information on pick up will be provided at the time of your class. Please Note: Registration is $55 per person. One registration = One person.

AGE: 16+
LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate

*A Minimum of 6 is required for this class to run