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Investigating Surface
Tuesdays 9am-12pm (April 4 – May 23)
Instructor: George McCauley

Dive deep into an investigation of surface treatment and decorative potential with local area artist and recent Fall Resident, George McCauley. Learn about majolica, stain, slip, underglaze, glaze, multi firing, brush selection, and mark making on bare clay. Discover traditional and nontraditional applications while exploring how to make it your own!  Using earthenware clay, and a grab bag of decorating techniques, students will create work for (and fire as a class!) a low temperature wood firing.  Students will then compare and contrast the results with an electric oxidation firing to see how the same techniques vary in different firings.  


Level: Suggested for Intermediate level students


Cost: $275 + $35 Lab Fee (to cover additional atmospheric firing costs)        


A minimum of 8 is required to run this class