Glazed and Confused; Continuing Education Class




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Glazed and Confused

Fridays, 6-9pm (Sept 29 – Nov 17)
Instructor: Anvil Williamson

Uncover the world of surface possibilities in this surface-focused class!  Covering a range of topics including slips, underglazes, and glazes, students will gain a basic overview of glaze chemistry while learning various application methods.  Learn about food safety, how to interpret a glaze recipe, and troubleshooting common mid-fire glaze problems all while expanding your artistic voice and creative outlets. An excellent class for both wheel throwers and hand builders alike, this intermediate level class will enhance your knowledge of the second half of making with clay and provide you confidence in the glaze room! Discover more about the instructor, Anvil Williamson, here!

*A minimum of 8 is required to run this class
*Students are encouraged to bring bisque pieces made in previous classes but are not required

Level: An excellent class for Intermediate level students