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Approaching Clay The Beginners Way
Wednesdays, 6-9pm (April 5 – May 24)
Instructor: Michaela Bromberek


One of the beauties of clay is its infinite avenues of discovery, but this can easily and quickly become overwhelming to beginning students. Worry not, as Approaching Clay The Beginners Way was developed to narrow in on the realm of possibilities. Join local area artist and recent Fall Resident, Michaela Bromberek, as she guides you through four seemingly simple techniques (two building and two decorating) which by themselves allow for a multitude of exploration! Discover how to leverage wheel thrown cylinders, and Kurinuki (a traditional Japanese handbulding method) to create one of a kind functional ware. Then learn to utilizing wax resist and slips to decorate your pieces with geometric and organic patterns. Vases, butter dishes, decorative baskets, salt and pepper shakers, and so much more are all possible in this beginning clay class!  


Level: An excellent class for Beginner students!