Hannah Lee Cameron

Hannah Lee Cameron

Hannah Lee Cameron

Long-Term Resident Artist, 2015-2017
Home state: North Carolina


Working in both clay and mixed media, Hannah Lee Cameron combines the animal and the human, the surreal and the domestic. Her figures engage in unexpected, and often bizarre, narratives fueled by seduction, repulsion and anxiety. Through access to the Bray’s facilities and immersion in a community of other dedicated artists, Hannah is looking forward to delving into new ideas in an environment that enables her to work freely, creating from her subconscious with concepts that reveal themselves over time.

Originally from North Carolina, Hannah Cameron earned her BFA in ceramics from the University of Louisville in 2010. Following the completion of post-baccalaureate studies at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, in 2012, Hannah earned her MFA in ceramics from Ohio University, Athens, in 2015. Hannah was the 2015-2016 Taunt Fellow and is currently a 2016-2017 Windgate Fellow.

“My current body of work focuses on anxiety, seduction and repulsion, sacrifice, vulnerability, trust and control.”—Cameron

To see more work by Hannah visit her website at hannahleecameron.com.



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