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Candice Methe

Past Resident Artist

Past Short-Term Resident Artistmethe-candice.jpg
Falmouth, Massachusetts

Candice Methe thinks of her work as a soliloquy of simpler times. The vessels of clay she makes are for sustenance and are a document of her intent and a signifier of her connection to past cultures of time and place. Having a record of the role and work of the hand present in her work is critical—it is through the element of touch that she is able to honor honesty, vibrancy, energy and humility. For Candice, her work is a way to thwart the roar of fast-moving modernity and reinvent the quiet.

Candice received her MFA from the University of Minnesota in 2015 and her BFA from Northern Arizona University in 2011. Currently she is an educator and studio artist living in Helena, Montana. In 2016, she received a Warren MacKenzie Fellowship Award through Northern Clay Center, enabling her to travel to Ghana, West Africa for a month to learn indigenous clay methods through the women in the northern part of the country. Candice joins the Bray as a 2017 fall resident artist.