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Andrew Dutcher

Past Resident Artist

dutcher-saved-for-web.jpgSummer Resident Artist, 2017
Hometown: Snohomish, Washington

Envisioning the practice of making pots as an exercise in discipline and playfulness, Andrew Dutcher builds his forms on the traditions of masters and apprentices reaching back to Michael Cardew and Bernard Leach. He is interested in both continuing the lineage he has entered as an apprentice to Daniel Johnston and opening his work to a wider audience, exploring how ceramic work can serve as a catalyst for larger conversations, creating community-driven happenings that stretch craft to a purpose beyond function.

After earning his BA in ceramics from Warren Wilson College in North Carolina, in 2013, Andrew completed a residency at Pocosin Arts in North Carolina. He has recently completed a three-year apprenticeship at Daniel Johnston Pottery in Seagrove, North Carolina. Andrew is joining the Bray as a 2017 Windgate Scholar.

To view more work by Andrew visit his website at andrewdutcherceramics.com.