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Ben Carter

Current Long-Term Resident Artist

Current Long-Term Resident Artist
Roanoke, Virginiathrowinglargepot.jpg

Ben blends floral motifs used in Appalachian quilting with the decorative language of historical ceramics, He works to create new hybrid patterns that enliven the surfaces of teapots, pitchers, and dinnerware. The forms are made from a rich terra cotta clay, which is covered in white slip before being carved and decorated with translucent glazes. I attempt to elevate the status of my earthenware, giving it value through multiple layers of intense decoration.

Ben Carter is a studio potter, educator, and social media enthusiast based in Helena, MT. He received his BFA in ceramics/painting from Appalachian State University and his MFA in ceramics from the University of Florida. From 2010-2012 he served as the Education Director of the Pottery Workshop in Shanghai, China. He was named 2016 Ceramic Artist of the Year by Ceramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated.

To see more of Ben's work visit his website at www.carterpottery.com